• Our Famous MYO Sandwich Bar

    • Step 1.

      Choose your own bread, rolls &wraps

      Sliced bread: Cottage white, whole meal, Multigrain
      Rolls: Turkish, Brioche, brown and white rolls
      Wraps: Plain, wholemeal, sundried tomato & spinach

    • Step 2.

      Choose your own spread.

      Avocado, Hommus, Sour Cream, Cream cheese, sour cream and butter.

    • Step 3.

      Choose your filling-

      Any 4 salad items lettuce/mix leaves, tomato, onion, capsicum, carrot, fresh mushroom beetroot and alfafa sprout, pineapple & corn.

      Grilled items grilled eggplant, semi-dried tomato, olives, jalapenos, capers, cooked mushroom, roaster capsicum, dill pickle and caramelised onion.

      Protein eggs, egg mayo, walnuts, handmade fresh chicken schnitzel, grilled lemon pepper chicken, grilled tandoori chicken, grilled portugese chicken, fresh pulled chicken, smoked salmon, tuna, double smoke ham, roast turkey breast.

      Cheese tasty cheese, swiss cheese, cream cheese, brie cheese, feta cheese, cottage cheese and grilled haloumi cheese.

      Sauce special mayo, special spicy avocado salsa, chipotle, aioli, sweetchillie, ceaser dressing, BBQ, tomato, hotchillie, honey mustard, cranberry, pesto, fruit chutney, tzaziki.

      Your choice of fresh or toasted
      Extra salad items
      Extra grilled item
      Extra cheese
      Extra sauce
      Extra chicken

        Price might be different depends on your choices