• Green Juice

    • Delicious Green Juice

      Delicious Green Juice

      Mint, lemon, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, green apple.

      Soy milk, Ginger and fruit (Each Extra 50 cent)

    • Power Smoothies

    • 1. Brain Wave

      Gingko Biloba, mango, honeydew & frozen yoghurt

      Improves brain functioning and blood circulation.

    • 2. Hangover Heaven

      Ginseng, strawberry, watermelon and frozen yoghurt.
      Stimulates appetite and enhances the immune system.

    • 3. Body Builder

      Protein, banana, apple and frozen yoghurt.

      Helps with muscle growth and development.

    • 4. Fat Burner

      Fibre, kiwi, watermelon and frozen yoghurt.

      Helps to lower blood cholesterol while cleaning the bowels.

    • 5. Endurance Racer

      Guarana rockmelon, banana and frozen yoghurt.
      Increases mental alertness and acts as a general tonic.

    • Fruit Smoothies

    • 1. Strawberry Smoothie

      Honey, frozen yoghurt & milk

    • 2. Banana Smoothie

      Honey, frozen yoghurt & milk.

    • 3. Fruit Salad Smoothie

      Honey, frozen yoghurt & milk.

    • 4. Breakfast Smoothie

      Muesly, banana, honey, frozen yoghurt & milk.

    • 5. Mixed Berries Smoothie

      Honey, frozen yoghurt & milk.

    • 6. Mango Smoothie

      Honey, frozen yoghurt & milk.

    • Fruit Whips (Dairy Free)

    • 1. Mango Madness

      Mango, banana, ice and rockmelon juice.

    • 2. Sunrise

      Strawberry, mango, passion fruit, ice and pineapple juice.

    • 3. Strawberry Supreme

      Strawberries, banana, ice and watermelon juice.

    • 4. Tropical Delight

      Fruit salad, banana, ice and orange juice.

    • 5. Berrylicious

      Mixed berry, banana, ice and orange juice.

    • Vegie Juice

    • 1. The Executive

      Carrot, celery, parsley, beetroot.

      Helpful for high blood pressure, anxiety and fatigue.

    • 2. The Revitalizer

      Carrot, celery, cucumber, parsley.

      Helpful for acne, arthritis and liver problems.

    • 3. Breathe Easy

      Carrot, tomato, ginger, capsicum.

      Helpful for easing asthma and reducing hay fever.

    • 4. Perfection

      Apple, carrot, ginger.

      Helpful for health of hair, skin and fingernails.

    • 5. Energizer

      Carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger.

      Fuel your body with energy and rid your body of toxins.

    • Coffee

    • Caffe Latte

    • Cappuccino

    • Flat White

    • Chai Latte

    • Mocha

    • Long Black

    • Piccolo Latte

    • Macchiato

    • Expresso

    • Hot Chocolate

    • Tea

    • Pot of Tea

      (English breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, chamomile, jasmine green)

    • Affogato

      (Expresso over gelato)

    • Gluten Free Iced Coffee / Iced Mocha / Iced Chocolate